Fletcher Cox won’t be suspended, still could face fine

Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox will not be suspended for a play in which San Francisco 49ers left tackle Joe Staley suffered a broken orbital bone Sunday.

Brett Hundley did not apologize for his lackluster performance against the Saints, but the Packers quarterback said the team can still make the playoffs without Aaron Rodgers. Browns tackle Joe Thomas questioned his future; there will not be a quarterback change in Denver; Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger poked fun at safety Robert Golden for his throwing form on a successful fake punt; and Saints running back Mark Ingram said coach Sean Payton has to come through on his offer of a salon day.

One of the NBA’s top-scoring teams, the Trail Blazers (4-3) are averaging 107.6 points per game while presenting a consistent threat from the perimeter. Inside the 3-point arc, it’s a different story. Portland shoots just 42.8 percent from the field, which ranks just 24th in the league.

Improved shooting is critical in order to survive stronger defensive teams, such as the Utah Jazz, who host Portland on Wednesday night.

“Our offense hasn’t been at the level we’d like it to be,” Portland point guard Damian Lillard said. “When all this comes back around, it’s going to be a great day for us. We can’t put our heads down and lose faith in who are and what we’re capable of.”

Evidence of inconsistency in that area surfaced in a 99-85 loss to the Toronto Raptors on Monday. The Blazers scored a franchise-low six points in the second quarter against. They missed 18 of their first 19 shots in the quarter and fell behind by 19 points heading into halftime.blues-002

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