Vinoteca Passeig de Mar - ankommen und abschalten!

Vinoteca Passeig de Mar – ankommen und abschalten!

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Robinson left the game during the second quarter.

That’s just it, don’t look at the scoring column when assessing McConnell’s fantasy value, as his ability to build diverse lines as the third guard and primary backup point guard is a sneaky way to add value to the end of your roster.

Patrick Robinson, CB, Philadelphia Eagles: Robinson left the game during the second quarter. The Eagles announced that he was being evaluated for a head injury and was questionable to return before downgrading him to out for the remainder of the game.

Folk missed kicks from 56, 49 and 31 yards. The gory details … New England up 13-7, late second quarter: Folk missed a 56-yard prayer, wide right. New England up 16-7, early fourth quarter: Folk missed a 49-yarder, wide left. New England up 16-7, midway through the fourth quarter: Folk missed a 31-yard field goal, wide left.

This example against the Cardinals happened to come at a huge moment — third-and-15, Patriots down 21-20 in the fourth quarter. New England needs a play here to continue the game-winning drive.

Whether you love or hate his gregarious broadcasting style, Romo’s abilities as a predictor are undeniable—the guy just seems to always know what play is coming. You can take this costume to the next level by randomly, and in a high voice, telling a random guy at the party to “Throw it outside the numbers, Derek!”

At this point, Harbaugh’ khakis are nothing short of iconic. If you have all the essentials, virtually every sports fan will recognize who you’re dressing up as, and that’s absolutely key to pulling off a good Halloween costume. There’s just nothing worse than having to explain your outfit.

The final score may indicate this was a shootout between two high-powered offenses, but that was hardly the case on a rainy day in Morgantown. Oklahoma State’s 462 total yards of offense was its second-fewest in a game this season, while West Virginia was held to a season-low 347 yards.

So how did the teams combined for 89 points? Well, nine turnovers were certainly a significant factor.

Jamaal Charles pens farewell to Kansas City

It’s taken a while for Jamaal Charles to say goodbye.

Ahead of his return to Arrowhead Stadium for the first time since being cut in February, the Broncos running back penned an emotional farewell to Kansas City as he detailed his journey from the Chiefs to the Broncos in a piece published Monday in The Players’ Tribune.

“Denver is my home now. And I’m embracing my new city — my new family — the same way I did Kansas City. I know I don’t have anything left to prove in this league, but I still have plenty left to play for. And I’m as excited as I’ve been in a long time for the next part of this story. But I’ll never forget where I came from.”

Charles and the Broncos will face off against the Chiefs at 8:30 p.m. ET in their Monday Night Football matchup.

3. The best one-on-one battle of the day was Julio Jones vs. Morris Claiborne, at least while it lasted. The Jets cornerback did an excellent job keeping the Falcons’ All-Pro playmaker in check before Claiborne was forced out of the game with a foot injury. With Claiborne sidelined, Jones made his lone impact play of the game — a 54-yard reception where he easily got behind Darryl Roberts. It was surprising that Ryan did not target Jones more after Claiborne went out, but there’s a lot about the Atlanta offense that’s difficult to understand this season.

4. This game turned for good when Jets punt returner Jeremy Kerley backpedaled, then muffed a high-arching punt by Matt Bosher midway through the fourth quarter. If Kerley fields the punt — or better yet, lets it go over his head and skip through the back of the end zone for a touchback — the Jets have the ball down two with nearly seven minutes to play. Atlanta recovered, kicked a field goal (Matt Bryant went 4-for-4 in terrible conditions) and the Jets never threatened again.

Fletcher Cox won’t be suspended, still could face fine

Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox will not be suspended for a play in which San Francisco 49ers left tackle Joe Staley suffered a broken orbital bone Sunday.

Brett Hundley did not apologize for his lackluster performance against the Saints, but the Packers quarterback said the team can still make the playoffs without Aaron Rodgers. Browns tackle Joe Thomas questioned his future; there will not be a quarterback change in Denver; Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger poked fun at safety Robert Golden for his throwing form on a successful fake punt; and Saints running back Mark Ingram said coach Sean Payton has to come through on his offer of a salon day.

One of the NBA’s top-scoring teams, the Trail Blazers (4-3) are averaging 107.6 points per game while presenting a consistent threat from the perimeter. Inside the 3-point arc, it’s a different story. Portland shoots just 42.8 percent from the field, which ranks just 24th in the league.

Improved shooting is critical in order to survive stronger defensive teams, such as the Utah Jazz, who host Portland on Wednesday night.

“Our offense hasn’t been at the level we’d like it to be,” Portland point guard Damian Lillard said. “When all this comes back around, it’s going to be a great day for us. We can’t put our heads down and lose faith in who are and what we’re capable of.”

Evidence of inconsistency in that area surfaced in a 99-85 loss to the Toronto Raptors on Monday. The Blazers scored a franchise-low six points in the second quarter against. They missed 18 of their first 19 shots in the quarter and fell behind by 19 points heading into halftime.blues-002

Fantasy football QB depth chart

The quarterback depth chart below breaks down all 32 NFL teams in terms of current fantasy value for the 2017 season. This is a file I’ve done in the past — previously known as the “Tamme Index” — and it’s important to note it does not necessarily reflect a player’s position on his NFL team’s depth chart.

A player listed in the “starter” column is the most valuable quarterback on his team in terms of fantasy value.

A player listed under “handcuff” should see increased fantasy value if the starter becomes injured or sees his role diminish.

“He’s tough enough to handle it. He’s got weapons to handle it,” Hinch said. “This is a big stage. He wants to do well, like everybody does, and having to live it out on this stage has been a little bit of a grind for him. Got to have a short memory as a closer, no matter what. If we need him to get critical outs, he’s going to come in and give his best.”

The players didn’t kneel to protest the anthem itself, but were rather upset at team owner Bob McNair following his comments at the owners’ meetings.

After McNair, who has said he wants his players to stand during the anthem, mangled a figure of speech earlier this month and referred to NFL players as prison inmates, he faced immediate backlash and later issued an apology.

McNair was quoted in a lengthy ESPN article , speaking at the Oct. 17 NFL owners meetings about protests during the national anthem.

“We can’t have the inmates running the prison,” he said, a malapropism of the idiom, “the inmates are running the asylum.”

McNair issued a statement Friday, saying he regretted using that expression.

Florida man suffers 3rd-degree burns after losing bet on Packers-Cowboys

It sucks when your favorite team loses. It’s definitely not serious enough to justify setting yourself on fire, as one Florida man did after losing a bet with his wife that the Cowboys would beat the Packers.

The couple made a bet and established that the loser would burn their team’s jersey. The Packers did win an instant classic over the Cowboys on yet another last-minute touchdown drive led by Aaron Rodgers.

Brady went 2-1 head-to-head against Favre. In the greatest one-sided rivalry of the 2000s, he went 11-6 against Peyton Manning. He’s only 2-3 against Drew Brees, but he’s 7-2 against Ben Roethlisberger.

Brady’s record will stand for a while. Not only is the veteran interested in playing four or five more years despite starting 2017 at age 40, but he’s got a major cushion over the rest of the league. The closest active quarterback is 38-year-old Brees, who has 133 career wins in the regular season. Roethlisberger, with 126 wins, is just behind him.

Sunday’s win was just another victory for a man who has seen plenty in his storied career. It will also stand as an affirmation of Brady’s status as one of the greatest — if not the greatest — quarterback of all time.

That’s not necessarily true. Jordan & Co. are pressuring quarterbacks only 21.7 percent of the time during their winning streak, which is good for only 27th in football. The Saints haven’t had a dominant pass rush over the past three games, but when it has arrived, the pass rush has gotten home more frequently than you might expect.

Seahawks are putting DE Cliff Avril on IR with neck/spine injury

The Seattle Seahawks are placing Pro Bowl defensive end Cliff Avril on injured reserve, coach Pete Carroll said in an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio on Wednesday.

The team has not formally announced the move, and it wasn’t listed on the NFL’s transaction report for Wednesday.

“For most of us, the last thing on our mind was a touchback,” cornerback Morris Claiborne said. “I thought at least it would [be] down on the 1 and we’d still have the ball and still have a chance to score a touchdown.

“In my 10th year, I want to celebrate the awesome opportunity I’ve had to play football by giving back to the communities that have given me that gift,” Long said in his statement. “Educational opportunity and equity are the best gateway to a better tomorrow for everyone in America.”

The inspiration behind Long’s donations came after the white supremacist rally in his hometown of Charlottesville in August.

“In August, we watched people fill our hometown streets with hatred and bigotry,” Long said in a press release from September. “Megan and I decided to try to combat those actions with our own positive investment in our community.”

Long — much like Colin Kaepernick, Malcolm Jenkins, Anquan Boldin, and others — continue to make efforts to creative positive change in the world.

After two games, it looked as if the Saints were going to offer Brees more of the same league-worst defense, which has dragged New Orleans down to 7-9 each of the past three years. The Saints were carved up by Sam Bradford on Monday Night Football in the opener and then toyed with by Tom Brady at the Superdome in Week 2. The Patriots and Vikings combined for 65 points through two games, and that was with the Pats mostly taking off the fourth quarter on offense. Same old, same old.

Panthers WR Benjamin leaves practice with knee issue

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin left practice on Wednesday and was listed as a non-participant with a knee injury.

Benjamin walked off under his own power, and when asked about the 6-foot-5 receiver, Panthers coach Ron Rivera simply said, “Knee.”

However, the anthem discussion took another turn this season when President Donald Trump called players who kneeled “sons of bitches” who should be fired. It led to a wave of other demonstrations that had Kaepernick’s original message being diluted in some cases.

Vice President Mike Pence would leave a Colts game against the 49ers two weeks later after 49ers players kneeled for the anthem, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said players who “disrespect the flag” would not play.

So what does this all mean? The league’s endorsement of the legislation appears to be part of an effort where the NFL gives an effort on the issues that Kaepernick raised, while also being able to set themselves up to require players to stand for the national anthem.

Whether or not that rule comes to fruition will be determined this week.

The Bears, it seemed, had one last shot.

After trading field goals in the fourth quarter, we still trailed by seven, 24-17, with more than eight minutes left in the game. All we had to do was get a stop and give our offense the ball again.

The backbreaker was a nine-yard reception by former Bear Bobby Wade on 3rd and 8. That one killed us. The heartbreaker came five plays later.

McHale was fired in November 2015 despite being only 11 games into a four-year

It doesn’t seem fair for this to happen to a player who plays football the right way. But then, ask J.J. Watt about fairness: His superhero humanitarian efforts couldn’t make him any more invincible on the field this season.

Watt is at a crossroads himself. A bad back injury suffered last year had him questioning his football mortality. Now he’s dealing with a major leg injury, He’s about to miss 24 games in his prime years, when he was supposed to further build his case as one of the NFL’s greatest all-time defenders.

Ever since Kuechly was drafted early in the first round a year after Watt in 2012, the two have been vying for NFL Defensive Player of the Year honors, with Kuechly winning the one that Watt didn’t from 2012-15.

McHale was fired in November 2015 despite being only 11 games into a four-year, $12 million contract given to the coach in the wake of the Rockets’ trip to the Western Conference finals the previous season. Harden believes that bitterness about the firing played a significant role in McHale criticizing him.

“Sure. And I had nothing to do with it,” Harden said. “I’m just here to do my job, compete at the highest level I can. But when you’re here, you’re face-to-face, and you’re telling me one thing — how great of a player you are, how you’re lucky that he’s able to be a part of this process — and then you go back just a few years later and basically just say the opposite, it just shows your character, shows who you really are. I’m not that type of person. I don’t operate that way. I don’t say things to somebody behind their back or tell them one thing or go on air and say another thing.”steelers_004

Week 6 NFL picks straight up: Packers handle Vikings; Giants continue skid

Green Bay is notorious for sticking with guys in their system, so it’s no surprise that Packers coach Mike McCarthy stuck up for Hundley in the immediate aftermath of Rodgers’ injury.

Hundley deserves the start with a full week of preparation, though sticking with an in-house guy is only a good idea if it’s clear it will work. Packers fans better prepare for Hundley, for better or worse. If Hundley doesn’t have it, however, the Packers should at least consider short-term options.

Kaepernick is a legitimate option if Hundley doesn’t work out, and not just for the reasons that will get listed first. Sure, Kaepernick would get to play in his home state. This would end the debate about whether he’s getting blackballed, and we’d get to see whether Kaepernick would stand or kneel during the national anthem.

Forget how, on a night in which Cam Newton and the Panthers’ offense struggled for stretches, a Kuechly-less defense may have cost them a shot at winning.

Forget how they might function without him going foward and whether David Mayo can be a halfway adequate replacement at middle linebacker.

This is about how a beloved team leader is staring at an uncertain football future instead of peering into an opponent’s backfield. With Kuechly having already missed nine games over the past two seasons, a third concussion in as many years puts his career in serious jeopardy.

Panthers fans, media and players in Bank of America Stadium all knew that the news of Kuechly being evaluated for a concussion and then quickly being put into the protocol was more likely to have long-term reprecussions than be another temporary setback.

For a night, Golden Knights helped give the Vegas community a face

Specific injuries are laid out in the contract and include only past problem areas with Embiid’s feet and back, sources said. Embiid has to miss 25 or more regular-season games because of injuries to those areas, and play fewer than 1,650 minutes, for Philadelphia to have the option of releasing him for cost savings.

For example, if Embiid hypothetically suffered a serious knee or wrist injury — something outside the contractual language surrounding the feet and back — the 76ers would have no avenue to waive Embiid to reclaim any portion of his salary. And given Embiid’s rare talent, there’s a belief that he’d have to suffer a career-ending injury to inspire the 76ers to release him.

Each Raiders loss has felt like an exception, because they started this season 2-0, and the second win was such a blowout, Marshawn Lynch was dancing on the sideline. Those seemed like the real Raiders, the Super Bowl contenders, the team that would pick up where it left off last year.

However, Sunday’s 17-16 loss in Oakland to the Chargers seemed like the new norm, and that rout of the Jets four weeks earlier looks more like the exception. The four straight defeats have looked too much alike, the weaknesses too obvious, the underachieving too commonplace.

Carr used the word “frustrating” often when talking about it after the Chargers loss. Single plays stood out, but overall, the Raiders never got into a rhythm, and that kept the game closer than it ever should have been. Once again, after averaging nearly 400 yards a game in their first two, they managed 274 against the Chargers.tigers_003