Bobblehead features Jason Kelce clad in Mummers costume

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce is being immortalized in bobblehead form. The $40 figure, which is being sold through the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum, features Kelce dressed in the Mummers costume he wore while delivering his epic speech during the Eagles’ Super Bowl parade. When people are telling their children and their children’s children and their great-grandchildren about this team and its amazing season, Jason Kelce and his victory speech will be one of those stories that lives on forever, Phil Sklar, co-founder and CEO of the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum, told Grace Dickinson of It was certainly a bobblehead-worthy moment.

We were candid with Matt that we made the trade for financial reasons, Zaidi said. But he told us is that all he wanted was an opportunity. He loved being with the Dodgers before and he just wanted a chance to earn a spot on the team and earn playing time. So far both sides have kept up their side of the bargain. We’ve been open-minded about him and he’s been terrific on and off the field.

Where do we stand in the move toward the legalization of sports betting in the United States Here is ESPN Chalk’s one-stop shop of all relevant content, as we await to Supreme Court’s ruling on the New Jersey case.

Las Vegas has become a March destination for fans of four different college hoops conferences, while bettors spill out of Vegas sportsbooks during NCAA tournament week. The NCAA still wants nothing to do with Vegas — but the tide could be turning.

Fifty years later, the NFL has avoided any major gambling scandals. Hundreds of players, coaches, league officials, referees and trainers have come and gone through the league, and no one has revealed concrete proof of any game being manipulated for gambling purposes. Player and coach contracts have grown to the point that they far exceed betting limits, and technology has improved the ability to efficiently and accurately monitor betting markets. Right now, the NFL seems safer than ever from a fix; yet, anytime a controversial call affects the final score or point spread, social media lights up with conspiracy theories and accusations of foul play.patriots_093

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