The answer was: As weird as he wanted. Brady is a god in New England.

You pray to him and say blessings over Dunkin’ Donuts iced regulars.

What I’m not sure Brady and his team were counting on, however, was how invested people were going to be in these comics. They probably just popped a crocodile into one image early in the season, thought it was funny, and ran with it. If I were a betting woman, I’d put good money down there was never a grand plan. I realize Brady most likely only told me there’d be a big reveal because that sounds intriguing.

But I wanted Croc to represent something. A small part of me still hoped.

By now, based on Butler’s Super Bowl 52 benching, everybody knows how much he fell out of favor in New England as the No. 2 corner. That’s the way he needs to be viewed as a free agent: not on the same level as his one-year teammate, Stephon Gilmore, from a year ago.

Landry is the game’s ultimate high-volume possession receiver. He’s more of a reliable extension of a running game and short-area scorer than he is a gamebreaker, but he’s very good in his niche role. The Dolphins will do their best to keep him for Ryan Tannehill.

The biggest test of John Elway’s general manager career is about to take place. The question he must ace is whether he can solve the Broncos’ two-year problem at quarterback and finally identify the legitimate franchise quarterback that has not been in place since Peyton Manning retired.

The assumption in Denver always was that this would never be a problem for the Broncos with their Hall of Fame, two-time Super Bowl winning former quarterback at the player personnel helm. If anyone knew how important an elite quarterback is to achieving NFL success, it would be Elway.

With Manning in house after Elway’s great recruiting job in 2012, the team went on a dominant run with four straight AFC West titles, two Super Bowl appearances and a win in Super Bowl 50. Without Manning, the Broncos descended to also-ran status at 9-7 in 2016 before their free-fall to last place in the division at 5-11 last season.

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