The Avalanche will carry that momentum into a game against the Capitals in Washington on Tuesday.

Many will say a classy, two-time Super Bowl MVP deserves better than to be benched midseason, but really, the Giants are doing Eli Manning a favor.

You can say he’s no longer a starting-caliber quarterback at this stage in his career, which is hard to argue after watching him on Thanksgiving. Or you can blame his brutal offensive line.

After a punt, Rod Smith scored on an 81-yard pass play on third down with 4:08 to play and he closed out the scoring with 2:57 to play with his run on a play that looked as if no one on the Giants wanted to tackle him.

“We knew we needed a play. Guys aren’t panicking,” Beasley said. “I wouldn’t say we were desperate. When you’re desperate, you start reaching a little bit, maybe start trying too hard. You have to stay within the system and stay within the game and keep playing and eventually have faith that those things will happen.”

The Colorado Avalanche are in last place in the Central Division, but they have a little reason for optimism after recording a 2-1 victory over the defending Stanley Cup champion Penguins in Pittsburgh on Monday night.

“Gutsy. Liked it,” Colorado coach Jared Bednar said after the win, his team’s second straight.

The Capitals have the Avalanche to thank for helping spark their own resurgence, especially on offense this season.

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